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Flora (Flexible Mobile Network Platform) is a flexible software-defined 4G LTE/5G system without commodity SIM cards, communication chipsets, or dedicated infrastructure equipment. It currently provides a quick solution to set up a testbed based on OAI and Magma. It also includes built-in network analytics at both the device and the infrastructure, which provides runtime solutions to both what and why on network behaviors.


Current System Components

Software-Defined LTE with in-depth data analytics

  • Support fast LTE RAN and core network setup
  • Pure software-based implementation of LTE SIM, eNB, and EPC
  • Setup base station-centric analytics for network analysis
  • Support MobileInsight-compatible analyzers for data co-analysis
  • Allow system connection with COTS phone devices

Configurable eSIM profile management

  • Support read/write eSIM structures
  • Support milenage algorithm for SIM authentication
  • Build profile structure for eSIM Applet
  • Support customized SIM/USIM EF/DF/ADF fields

Edge computing applications

  • Example virtual reality (VR) applications that co-work with the system

Potential Usage Scenarios

  • Build an open LTE platform for research and education
  • Deploy private LTE networks
  • Deploy edge computing systems