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  • What’s Flora’s relationship with other open-source 4G/5G projects?
    • OAI & Magma: We integrate the essential components from both systems to provide quick setup for research purposes. We further provide an in-depth analysis tool, new 5G/4G feature support (mobility and carrier aggregation), and emerging applications.

    • OpenRAN: OpenRAN Project group is an initiative to define and build mobile systems based on general-purpose hardware, open interfaces, and software. Our system shares the spirit of OpenRAN and provides pure software implementation and extension based on the defined interfaces.

    • srsRAN: Flora will provide analysis functionality and integrate srsRAN in future releases.

  • What are the features expected to be released in future (2.x and 3.0)?
    • Emerging edge applications: Integrating cutting-edge apps such as augmented reality
    • Extended full-stack protocol analytics: Support for in-depth protocol analytics on LTE protocols and decision logic at both the device and the infrastructure
    • Low latency components: Low-latency, yet standard-compliant solutions for user data packets and control signaling
    • Secure mobile networks: New system-in-the-chain security to fix the current broken 4G/5G design that poses security risks